Features of JEXTN Classifieds:

  1. Custom filter option for each category.
  2. Listing products using JQuery Pagination.
  3. Products can be listed with Image, Description and Ratings.
  4. Registered users can submit reviews for all the products.
  5. Email / Invite a friend option.
  6. Supports Multiple Upload Images.
  7. Advanced Slider for Gallery Images.
  8. Supports Payment Gateway - Paypal.
  9. Submit Free Ads.
  10. Submit Premium Ads.
  11. Admin Can view the Payment Details.
  12. Supports Mail Templates.
  13. Supplier can be added from the frontend.
  14. Suppliers can list their own products.
  15. Supplier can edit their products and supplier details.
  16. Registered users can contact the suppliers.
  17. Report & ContactDetail options listed for all the products.
  18. Products can be searched using JQuery Search.
  19. Auto-Complete options can be available in the search.
  20. Advanced Search layout is also available for searching the listed products.
  21. All the categories and subcategories are listed by modules.
  22. All product specifications and features can be viewed in category module.
  23. Product details page with full description & product information.
  24. Google Maps Integration.
  25. Other products from this supplier can be listed on the product listing page.
  26. Email notification option for the supplier of that particular product.
  27. Users can contact supplier and ask about the products.
  28. Suppliers can view the mylisting and profile page.
  29. Admin can add/edit/delete product listing from backend.
  30. Admin can add/edit/delete supplier details at backend.
  31. Admin can add/edit/delete categories at backend.
  32. Admin can view the ratings for all products.
  33. Show/Hide option for Copyright text.
  34. Show/Hide option for Display Search.
  35. Show/Hide option for Autocomplete.
  36. Admin can configure the pagination details.
  37. Show/hide options for contact form fields.
  38. Show/hide options for Sample Message.
  39. Show/hide options for Minimum Order.
  40. Show/hide options for Map Information.
  41. Show/hide options for Auto Published products.
  42. Supports Multiple modules - Featured, Category...
  43. Install sample data options.
  44. Cross Browser Support [ Firefox 3.x, Opera 9+, IE 5+,Safari,Firefox MAC, Safari MAC,etc.]